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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

ballet-inspired spring sneak peek

sunday my photographer patrick, fabulous helper eden, and model allison gathered to bring the *new* spring collection to life. here are a few fun shots of the ballet-inspired collection featuring sugarplum purple and en pointe pink (named by tranquility du jour readers). note the look on allison's face as i'm coming in to remove a thread. we all loved that candid.

this season you'll see flared leggings in noir and colour, playful lettuce edging on most pieces, legwarmers, more tops that transition to skirts, a full short skirt, wraps, and more wraps. embrace your inner ballerina!

the collection will launch at late march.


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Lisa said...

Love the lettuce edging!

You and your model both look adorable in the "candid shot".

Jessica said...


Anonymous said...

I can't wait. It's all I can talk about to my friends!

Amanda St.Clair said...

Beautiful! I'm so excited!

Gina said...

So adorable! I don't know that I have the legs for that short skirt, but it's all so lovely. I can't wait to the see the launch.

Melita said...

everything is so gorgeous! i can't wait to purchase ;) hugs!!

moi said...

When I was growing up, I climbed trees and skinned my knees. Ballet lessons were not a part of the equation.

Now, I cannot wait to embrace my inner ballerina. Looking forward to TranquiliT's beautiful spring offerings!

Vintage Butterfly said...

I am so excited and have some faves already...Can't wait to see purchase!! ;)

Julia said...

I want everything. I'm loving all the pants in a multiple of colors.