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Friday, February 12, 2010

west coast tour adventures

dearest west coast femmes,

i'm excited to share a *tentative* schedule of my book extravaganza during MSW spring break. would love, love, love to connect if you're in the area!

monday, march 8: san diego AM tv slot, 6:30-9 los angeles ladies who launch event
tuesday, march 9: san francisco PM tv slot
wednesday, march 10: sacramento AM tv slot
thursday, march 11: portland AM tv slot, possible evening event at tea shoppe
friday-sunday: still tentative

if you are in one of these fabulous cities, heart tranquilista, and would like to host a book event (tea party or cupcake-inspired, of course!), let me know. i'd be delighted to swing by and would *love* to meet you. possible openings: sunday, march 7 in san diego; tuesday, march 9 in san francisco; friday, march 12 in portland and/or seattle.


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Unknown said...

I'm signing up for your ladies who launch event in LA. Looking forward to it!

Robyn Thompson said...

if you are able to travel from seattle up to vancouver, let me know!

happy west coast travels, kimberly! xx.

Heather Pierce said...

would LOVE to see you in sf!!!!!

Kristen said...

Dear Kimberly,
The south is getting jealous! :)

Unknown said...

I just signed up for the Ladies Who Launch event!! I am so excited to meet you!!