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Monday, February 01, 2010

tranquility du jour tv: tranquilista book launch prep

getting excited about thursday night's fete and spent the evening tying bows and stuffing goody bags with the lovely brie. here's a video showing us at work, along with photos.

i heart small touches. goody bag contents:

-vanilla tea lights in colorful organza bags
-vellum cards (with sayings such as "let your life sparkle," "make a difference," "sip chamomile tea," "accessorize: your life is art" and a pink chandelier in the background) wrapped around fragrant incense AND the outside of the goody bags with a pink organza bow
-rose tea by tulsi with a personalized wrapper
-damask armwarmers locally sewn from reused fabric
-colored pencils tied with a bow.

the 50 goody bags (for first 50 arrivers) took us three hours to package and it was such fun. i could tie bows all day long.

note louis in his new pink snuggie for dogs (i know, i know) overseeing it all from my beloved chaise lounge. hope you enjoy this peek into the behind the scenes prep for thursday's fete (and that it gives you some ideas for crafting fun packages for friends). if we get wifi, we'll be ustreaming the event so that you can join us from afar at your computer.

finally, here's a sneak peek into tomorrow's piece in the washington post express.


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Robyn Thompson said...

dear kimberly:
the reason i love your work (and contribute to you, now, also!) is that you are INSPIRING!

Anonymous said...

OMG! Vanilla Tea light candles!!! My absolute favorite scent!!!YUM!!! (you have to save me a set, LOL!)

I will not be able to make this soiree unfortunately, but I have started the book and plan to do a review on my Gemini Visions Blog ( when finished! I will let you know when I post it!

Peace and blessings


Kristen said...

I was hoping to make it up to DC to help you celebrate your new book, but boo hoo, just not in the plan right now. Have a great time. I'll be thinking tranquil thoughts from Atlanta.

Caren said...

OMG that pink snuggie is the cutest thing ever!! Although he's not looking too happy about it lol!

Mindy said...

i love those tea bags! so you. you always know how to throw a smashing soire! hope it is utterly blissful. xoxo, m

Melita said...

looks like it's going to be so much fun! hugs!!