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Monday, February 08, 2010

tranquility chez moi

4-legged friends, flowers, candles, warm fire, damask print, chandelier, ambient lighting =
a few of my very favorite things a la petite pink palace.


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Lisa said...

How absolutely lovely! I have to smile even THINKING about being there! What a wonderful environment with which you surround yourself.

Rachel said...


Four legged furry friends always bring tranquility (even when they're being pesky menances!)

Melita said...

what better things to surround you on cold snowy days - beautiful flowers, snuggly pets, fireplace (this one i'm totally jealous about :) and of course beau. hoping your tuesday is a tranquil one. hugs!!

Hali Bey said...

I love that your house looks exactly like the image on your homepage.