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Saturday, February 20, 2010

things that make moi smile

things that make moi smile:

flaky croissants, fluffy blankets, snow covered trees, starry nights, sleeping in, baddha konasana, cupcakes, pug kisses, potbelly pigs, campfires, dogs donning accessories, kirtan, pink boxing gloves, sparkly eye shadow, pots of tea, agave nectar, being named the sprinkles cupcakes BFF, heated blankets, eccentricity, memoirs, organic food, papaya, country air, lavender-scented eye pillows, spending time with my journal, getting crafty, traveling to new places.

et toi? what brings you joy? how can you sprinkle does of it into your weekend?


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Vintage Butterfly said...

Things that make moi smile...fresh roses, planting flowers, tulips, Lush bath bombs, lavender bath scrubs, iced water, chai lattes, going to the ocean, playing games with my kids, soft blankets to curl up in and watch romantic comedies, Kiss My Face lip balm, writing in my journal, my yoga practice, working on my book, writing out cards and letters to loved ones, getting creative and the smell of the night air! These are some of the things that make me smile. :)

Bronwyn said...

Oooh thank you for the invitation... things that make moi smile... starry nights, wild beaches, pug kisses (I'm with you on that one!), time for art, good italian perfume, clean cotton sheets, pink island dawns, the month of May, heavy watercolour paper, good red wine, sinking into an easy chair with a girlfriend across from me, cuddling my sweetie, bellydancing, watching my daughter thrive. xoxox

Bronwyn said...

ooh I didn't realize i was also with you on starry nights... great minds run alike.... pug kisses and starry nights...