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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

signature style wednesdays: pampering with style

Invent your world.
Surround yourself with people, color, sounds,
and work that nourish you.

hello gorgeous tranquilistas!

i hope you're having a fabulous wednesday. thanks again to chelsa bea from pencil skirts and pearls for sharing her signature style with us in last week's post. today's topic is pampering with style—musings on sweet & simple ways to show yourself love during the month of february.

find the time

busy lives and hectic schedules can often get in the way of self-care. remember that you can only help someone else as much as you are helping yourself. try to pencil in a 30-minute artist date if you find your personal time taking a back burner to all of your other daily agenda items.

get cozy

winter weather makes me want to snuggle up and drink tea. unplug from all things electronic and enjoy a few moments of peaceful stillness. pick up a new book and play acoustic tunes in the background. connect with your inner goddess. light a candle, write in your journal, just be.

indulge & enjoy

window shop or shop online. lather yourself in decadent lotion. take a bubble bath or watch an artsy film. nosh on a sweet treat. whatever you do, be sure to enjoy the moment. no to-do list should stand in the way of your pampering.

remember that you deserve all the bliss in the world!

images via: sephora | kelly rae roberts | the body shop | anthropologie | five sisterz | crate and barrel | ellabelleboutique

kaileenelise is a sparklista, yogini, artist, blogger & creative entrepreneur. tweet along & visit her website for musings on making every day an extraordinary adventure.

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Robyn Thompson said...

philosophy products are so fun! i love the "cinnamon bun" one!

Katharine Albritton said...

Thanks for the reminder, doll! I'm planning on taking some time for a lovely bath tonight!

Kaileen Elise said...

thanks ladies :) i'm glad you enjoyed the post! xo