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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

savoring simple pleasures

as i read more of the not so big life (rather than my social work stats books . . . oops), i am reminded of the to slow down, use time wisely, and relish in being. yes i know this. yes you know this. but sometimes applying it to our busy lives may feel far-fetched.

in an ongoing effort to encourage you and hold myself accountable to constantly savor simple pleasures, i wanted to share a few ways to do so:

eat with chopsticks to slow down
go on a technology fast for an evening or weekend
avoid checking your crackberry during dinners with friends
handwrite your thoughts
frame a favorite postcard
repot a plant
surround yourself with fresh flowers
collage your planner
wear a flower in your hair
rest in pigeon pose for 3-5 minutes
try red lipstick
look through your planner and cancel some to-dos
carry a favorite book in your purse to read while waiting
restore in legs up the wall
snap photos to feature a day in the life of you
print a letter to your gramma using BIG font
start your day mindfully: tea, journal, meditate
light nag champa incense
respond to email in 48 hours, not 48 minutes (or seconds)
insert a tea bag into a snail mail note

what are your beloved simple pleasures?


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