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Monday, February 15, 2010

5 books you *must* read

as you know, i am a self-diagnosed bibliophile. i was raised in a home with enough books to fill a local library and a father who typed away into the wee hours when on deadline. while flying back to dc holiday 2008 i saw his book in the oklahoma aiport above harry potter and snapped this photo with pride. a passion for books is in my blood.

a few times throughout my adult life i've had to go on a book-buying moratorium. even made myself stay out of a bookstore for fear i would buy again. my pulse goes up when i get my hand on a book promising to help me manage my time, business, or life better. one trick i've learned is to take a stack, head to the bookstore cafe, skim, take notes, and then decide if i *really* need it. this has saved me hundreds in must-have books destined to line my built-ins (or the overflow on my bedside tea cart).

since starting graduate school last fall, my book buying has waned. the guilt of reading non-fiction for pleasure when i have textbooks to read has me paralyzed at times. however, i've recently come across a book that is speaking to me soooo much and i wanted to share it with you (#1 below). thus, a blog post on it and a few other faves:

1. the not so big life by sarah susanka. only half-way through the book but have received oodles of inspiration and ideas so far. can't get enough of this author's perspective. podcast forthcoming.
2. the e-myth by michael gerber. i've recommended this one for years. great advice for starting or sustaining a business.
3. the artist's way by julia cameron. unleash your creative spirit. this book launched tranquil space. can't recommend highly enough.
4. simple abundance by sarah ban breathnach. rejected by over 30 publishers, this book became an international best-seller AND has inspired my love of small touches for over 10 years. i call it my pink bible.
5. mindfulness yoga by frank jude boccio. love the blending of yoga and buddhism. great application to everyday life. studied with him earlier this year and he is a wealth of knowledge.

i have SO many favorites so i wanted to do a brief listing that felt holistic would love to hear yours. what books bring you oodles of joy to reread or are recent discoveries?

bisous + happy reading,

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Leslie said...

Kimberly--I am right there with you. I love, love, love books! Right now I am thoroughly enjoying The Sucess Principles by Jack Canfield, your fabulous book, Tranquilista, and Building Your Ideal Private Practice by Lynn Grodzki. I would highly recommend all three of these books.


Vintage Butterfly said...

My top 5 that I read over and over again are...
1. Hip Tranquil Chick-Kimberly Wilson
2. Tranquilista-Kimberly Wilson
3. Skinny Bitch-Rory Freedman and Kim Barouin
4.Yoga Chick-Bess Gallanis
5.Home Spa-Jennie Harding

These books always inspire me and put me back on track when I feel like I am losing myself. Kimberly's book "Hip Tranquil Chick" literally saved me from a bout of depression and hating myself. I will be forever grateful for that.

Grace said...

I had no idea that Simple Abundance was rejected by 30 publisher--now that's inspiring.

Regent and Gabriele said...

From Sarah Ban Breathnach, there is also a book called "Romancing the Ordinary - A year of simple splendor" that is set out with a chapter discussing the inspirations of each month in the year. I start it over every January and end it every December 31st since 2002. My 15 minutes of exhaling and meditation every day! I also have a terrible addiction to book stores and accumulating dad is the same way. There are worse addictions in this world! Previously enjoyed books (from used book stores) can hold some wonderful treasures for a fraction of the cost!

Britt Bravo said...

Thanks for the great list, Kimberly! I've added the not so big life and simple abundance to my "to read" list.

Each year I post a list of favorite have fun do good books on my blog. I've compiled them into a list you can download (and take to the bookstore!).

Emma said...

my favorite books tend to be fiction...

but for yoga: stephen cope's books. hands down. very much life changing.

kimberly wilson said...

such great suggestions, ladies, merci! (and a BIG thanks for the kudos). xx

Anonymous said...

I call Hip Tranquil Chick my pink bible. Your book has been the greatest inspiration. As far as books though, I tend to read lots of fiction. Ever since the little house books when I was a little girl, novels have mostly been my inspiration.


The Depressed Yogi said...

I'm reading Eating Animals, and I think you my darling would love it. And on March 1, I'm starting the 21-day vegan kickstart!

Sallie Ann said...

I actually got the e-myth recommendation from you when I first started my own design firm. Totally changed my business style. Am working through The Artist's Way (for the 3rd time) right now.

I love your books. Also really like:
1. Slim, by Cynthia Rowley,
2. Crush It, by Gary Vaynerchuk,
3. Choosing Happiness, by Alexandra Stoddard
4. The Conscious Cook, by Tal Ronnen
5. The House in Good Taste, by Elsie de Wolfe

Caitlin said...

I, too, have a huge fondness for books. I would have to recommend For Tibet, With Love (A Beginner's Guide to Saving the World) by Isabel Losada. She's a British woman who was deeply inspired to action when she began to learn about the oppression of the Tibetan people. Losada took some extraordinary steps to bring awareness about the issue. Very inspiring. She eventually traveled to Tibet AND was granted a brief audience with the Dalai Lama, all of which she chronicles in her fabulous book. I read it cover to cover TWICE in 5 days while I was in Italy. She also wrote the Battersea Park Road to Enlightenment, which I hope to read soon. Her website is: