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Monday, January 18, 2010

what i learned in mexico: top takeaways

wow, i truly can't emphasize how enjoyable my experience was in mexico. lisa sonora beam is an AMAZING, gifted facilitator. she is a beautiful balance of left and right brain and truly one of the most patient people i've ever met. before i totally immerse myself in mindfulness yoga here at kripalu, i wanted to be sure to tie a beautiful bow around my experience in mexico.

here are my top takeaways from my creative play:

1. use crayon or colored pencil to rub over flocked paper for design

2. use deli paper for painting, coloring, inserting into your visual journal
(cheap, thin, clear, and delicate)

3. layer your journal with pages from magazines, tissue paper, deli paper
(gluestick the center + add as another page)

4. make your own tabs with scrap paper
(did so for to separate months in my planner pad)

5. pick up alphabet stamps
(ordered from amazon already)

6. make mini journals for workshops, strategic planning, and more
(use favorite card as cover and "bind" with a rubber band)

7. stamping is fun
(picked up these and these from amazon)

8. objectives, strategies, and tactics are different
(objectives break down to strategies and then to tactics which are action steps)

9. stella warms my heart
(the white pup i'm holding with glee)

10. fancy up planner
(photos to come. added tissue paper layering, stamps, tabs, and glitter paint)

11. save scrap paper
(great for reusing as tabs, background, and layering)

12. glitter puffy paint rules
(we already knew that, eh?)

13. play with acrylic paint
(pages in planner pads, paper in visual journals, deli paper)

14. add ribbons to folders and planner pads
(wrap around and, voila, a beautiful package)

15. use water to smear paint
(adds lovely watercolor vibe)

16. garden
(i came across oodles of garden images i'd pulled. spring = get hands dirty)

17. get a hammock
(must tie one up in the back, douse myself in mosquito repellent+ savor my fave pastime this summer)

18. cut hair into bob
(despite growing it out for almost 3 years, i'm debating cutting off 10 inches and donating to did you see the latest anthropologie catalog? i heart her hair.)

to top it off, i met wonderful, inspiring women plus an amazing french man/yogi who kept us all entertained. i'm grateful for the opportunity to have played with many new tools and given my creative spirit a chance to come out to play for 5 glorious days. i hope the photos offered a glimpse into the process and spread a dose of the inspiration for your own artistic spark.


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The Depressed Yogi said...

Ooh I can't wait to see pics of your planner pad. I love all these ideas. LOVE the idea of taking everyday items and using them to beautify journals, planners, etc. Must try!