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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

a quote to ponder

"we are the only species on earth capable of
preventing our own flowering
." - david whyte

i came upon this quote in lisa sonora beam's fabulous book, the creative entrepreneur. what a *powerful* reminder to ensure we are in some stage of exploration, even if we're simply repotting ourselves into a larger pot for our roots to grow. what are you doing to flower on this chilly winter evening?

may i recommend signing up for an inspiring teleclass, joining a book club, exploring some short of shift, trying a new yoga class or teacher, journaling about what you want in life, finding your edge, taking an artist date, browsing a bookstore, cutting up sweaters to make legwarmers, taking up knitting, writing a blog post, living out loud, or dancing your heart out?

flower, my loves, flower. bloom. blossom. grow.


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rachel awes said...

found you on the flowering quote! imagining petals softly landing on your head & blessing you!

Lisa Sonora said...

xoxo to you, Miss Tranquilista!

That quote is from a lecture David Whyte gave many years ago.

I took pages of notes in my journal that night.

I highly recommend his books, and he's got some lectures on CD, too.

Good stuff!