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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

mid-week listening pleasure

I was grateful to find a kindred spirit in Christine Arylo who I "e-met" when reviewing her book, Choosing Me Before We. Last fall I was humbly honored to be a guest in her Self Love Studio along with a handful of creative femmes such as SARK and Muriel Hemingway. Click on the link above to hear this fun interview where we discuss tranquility, my obsession with e-mail, fits and starts with meditation, and more. Learn more about Christine's work celebrating women and self love below. I hope you enjoy the mid-week musing!

Celebrate Madly in Love with Me Day: February 13

1. Blog -- Write your own personal self love manifesta.

2. Video Dare - Okay, so you know self love is all about self expression, so we are also running a video contest where you can sing the I LOVE MYSELF Song -- and why you love you!

Here is the link to the contests so you can get more info.

Yoginis in the Bay Area - Self Luv-apooloza at the Claremont Spa and Resort.

Wishing you all a blissful evening full of chamomile tea, rose-scented candles, and soft sheets.


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Sara_Ortiz said...

I just love being reminded to love myself. Judgment and self-depressing thoughts and actions get in the way of so much creativity. Thinking back to my middle-school and high school years I wish I didn't think I was so fat. In fact, I was pretty skinny but for some reason I kept comparing myself to the other girls and now I realize I could have had more fun and enjoyed school more if I didn't feel so negatively about myself.

Thanks for the reminder!