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Thursday, January 14, 2010

handmade personalization offering

dearest tranquility du jour readers,

i'm *so* honored to see your tweets and facebook updates noting your enjoyment of tranquilista. totally warms my heart. also, this week i got my very first review on amazon! woo-hoo. the "birth" of this "bebe" is now very real and i'm delighted to hear it is resonating with many of you.

a fellow reader requested i sign an index card for her to insert into her copy from amazon. that got me thinking . . . if you purchased your copy at amazon (and not from moi where i signed them with a sparkly pink pen) and it is missing personalization, send moi an e-mail by saturday 10am* with your snail mail addy and i'll create something here to send to you.

* never fear, of course this offer still stands post-saturday 10am, but it will be made in our nation's capital, not mexico.

again, oodles of gratitude for your support. you inspire me to do more, be more, serve more, offer more.


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