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Sunday, January 03, 2010

expression of gratitude

"let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom." - marcel proust

this past week i received a couple goodies via snail mail that i had to share:

dezengo moore sent me the darling wine goblet prominently displayed on my shelf that has a girl dreaming of poodles and the eiffel tower. on the back it says "good girls go to heaven, bad girls go to paris." too cute!

heather sent me the most amazing nude nail color and red lipstick from peacekeeper cosmetics. i was unaware of this line and am *beyond* impressed with their do-gooding efforts. sadly, there was no last name for "heather" and i must send a snail mail thank you so if you are heather, please let me know!

merci, merci, merci for thinking of moi over the hollydaze. also, a HUGE thank you for the snail mail hollyday cards. they made me smile. your support and thoughtfulness truly makes my heart blossom.



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Anonymous said...

Did Heather indicate where one could purchase Peace Keeper cosmetics. That Nude shade is really pretty. ~Wendy

kimberly wilson said...

absolutely wendy! check out the link i included in the post. love their mission and vision. genius! xo

Sarah said...

Kimberly, I had no idea you had Eminem framed. I was so thrown off by that framed photo, haha! Lovely nail polish, love some new finds.

kimberly wilson said...

yep, have a *serious* crush on him. lose yourself in the music, the moment . . . xo

Britt Bravo said...

Thanks for sharing this, Kimberly. One of my 2010 resolutions is to become a more conscientious cosmetic consumer, so I'm psyched to know about Peacekeeper cosmetics, and the cosmetic safety database they linked to.

Vintage Butterfly said...

I know that Peace Keeper is sold at Whole Foods and can also be found online. I love their line as well, and their Mission. Kimberly, you never cease to amaze me, as Eminem framed is a wonderful thing. :) Seeing that made me smile and realize that we all have our "sides" and can see things sometimes, that others "miss". This is why I love reading your blogs and posts. They are an inspiration to seek life outside of the box. Have a fabulous day!