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Sunday, December 20, 2009

winter wonderland weekend

as you may know, it was a *winter wonderland* in dc this weekend. oodles of snowfall, tons of holiday soirees, plenty o' shoveling, and an overall vibe of festivity. after hosting yesterday's bebe shower, i headed into tranquil space to get my yoga on. it was an adventurous walk through a foot of snow dodging falling snow. honestly, blissful and amusing. when i hit the studio i began to shovel the continuous downpour of flakes. our boutique manager snapped the first shot of me working away in leopard-print coat and boots. indulged in a yummy class and then headed home to bask in the beauty of canceled plans with beau. aren't cancled plans like a gift from god? free time! i organized TranquiliT for awhile, soaked in the tub (fave pastime), and then settled in to watch america the beautiful. very insightful - highly recommend.

today was TranquiliT's annual holiday trunk show where joanna, hilary, and i multitasked with our 2010 planner pads. i turned mine into more of a collage using favorite images torn from magazines - namely boho and yoga journal. to "laminate," i used my trusty packing tape and, voila, love it! video coming tomorrow showing a sneak peek inside our planner pads plus the unveling of TranquiliT's spring colors and a few design plans. ooh la la!

during my scholarly paper drama last weekend, i did some online browsing to note a few wishes for delivery from santa. passed them along to mum, pops, and beau. subject was "need. or. may. die." clearly i was getting a wee bit campy after hours of writing about theory. my mum's response later this week: "RIP." um, does that mean santa won't be delivering the following requested items: candy cane body wash, peppermint candle, peppermint body splash, lush candy fluff fragrance, sparkly necklace, and million dollar amazon gift card. seriously? not ONE need in there. simpy goodies to make life more decadent and scented. any needs from santa?

reminder: tomorrow at midnight ET is the deadline for the *artist date challenge*. get yours in! wishing you and yours a delightful holiday week. i'm off to oklahoma on wednesday and will have oodles of stories to share.

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Sarah said...

Sounds like a fantastic day! I asked for a Planner Pad for Christmas, so hopefully I will receive one this week and can start decorating and planning.

Melita said...

i love the look of your 2010 planner pad. that cut out of madonna looks familiar ;) i need to "gussy up" my planner pad too. happy holidays! hugs!!

Heather said...

Love your collages....very inspiring!