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Friday, December 18, 2009

tranquilista available NOW via kindle

oh my, santa came early for tranquilistas. a dear friend plus beau just informed me that they'd purchased the book via kindle and were now reading it. wowza. technology! it isn't slated to hit stores for a couple of weeks so if you can read on a techie gadget, get it now. moi, i have to have a pen in hand or no reading possible. seriously. thus, if you're "old-fashioned" like me, pre-order your signed copy at i'll ship them out as soon as i get my copies! thanks for all your support with the birthing of a new book. it's blissful to see it come to fruition.

Tranquilista is a strong, sparkly, and succulent guide for living and working with mindfulness and enlightened joy!”
SARK, artist and author of Succulent Wild Woman

“Kimberly Wilson lovingly guides us through ideas on how to be a soulful and compassionate entrepreneur while embracing our bliss and our beauty.…She is my new favorite guru!”
Amy Butler, designer and author of Amy Butler’s Midwest Modern

“[Kimberly Wilson] does it all with incredible grace, elegance, compassion, wisdom, cleverness, and dazzling style — and never forgets the essential lip gloss! In her fabulous new book, she generously shares all her success secrets.…I place her in the ‘great muse’ category along with Audrey and Coco."
Sharon Gannon, coauthor of Jivamukti Yoga

“The go-to guide for any woman who wants style, success, and soul in her life.”
Christine Arylo, author of Choosing ME before WE

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Robyn Thompson said...

to be placed among audrey and coco in a review! wow! congratulations, kimberly!

Tim Mooney said...

If you own an iPhone (like me) and you simply can't wait to read Kimberly's latest, you can get the free Kindle for iPhone app. You link up your iPhone through Amazon and POW! BAM! KAZAM! you can have Tranquilista beamed to your phone in about 10 seconds. Kindle people can buy straight from your gizmos. Pretty cool!

Sharon Tessandori said...

Congrats Kimberly!! What a fabulous way to ring in the new year!

Kristen said...

Awesome! Downloading on my Kindle now. What a fabulous early Xmas gift!:)

Nikki said...

Congrats on your new book! Can't wait to read it! :)

Globetrotting Cacti said...

Tim - thanks for alerting me to the Kindle for iPhone app. I now have it installed and have Tranquilista on there. LOVING the book. Lots of tips that I am scribbling down, my head is exploding with ideas. Thank you Kimberly for your inspiration....

Genevieve Luna said...

Are you going on a book tour? Please tell me you're coming to LA!