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Sunday, December 06, 2009

team holiday fete a la tranquil space

last night was our annual holiday fete at tranquil space and the first time we made it team-only. these festive evenings started in my living room and have been held at local restaurants and lounges. this year we decided to do something a little different. rather than giving the same goody bags to the entire team, we set up "DIY gift stations" for team players and their families to enjoy.

the gift stations consisted of: organic oranges + whole cloves to make an orange pomander, epsom salt + sea salt + baking soda + essential oils to make your own bath salt, five types of organic teas plus our special blend to concoct your own tea blend, and a make your own origami table (complete with kimono-donning gota).

we also gave out playful awards such as "best ambassador,""best buddha vibe,"and "i jazz up my tranquil space tee best"complete with an origami ring handmade by shizuka (gota's mum). in addition, i wanted to incorporate a talent show but had few takers. after much coaxing, the fabulous marq few offered to dance for us and we were beyond blown away. i already have an email out to him for private lessons!

the evening was festive, rewarding, and it's always a treat to have our team together to play. i'm excited to see what next year will bring as we continue to color outside the lines with innovative ways to create community among our team during the hollydaze.

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