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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

spring design requests

next friday the 18th i have a play date schedule with my seamstress to craft and sew fun spins on a few fave TranquiliT pieces for my etsy store. *sew* excited! any requested "spins" i should craft for you?

also, i plan to sketch out the spring collection. i'm debating what must-haves should be added (moi - skirted legging + flowy skirt a la paris style) and what should be subtracted (2-in-1 maxi dress). i'd *love* your feedback. the current collection is visible here: i'll be unveiling new pieces and the chosen colors (thanks to your votes) tres soon.

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purplepaperplanes said...

I think turtleneck sleeveless top/ long-sleeve top might be fun?


Caitlin said...

Nightgown or other form of PJs
Beaucoup des leggings
Ballet inspired styles

michele said...

I agree with Caitlin - LOVE cap sleeves and ballet-inspired style are my fave! : )

dcgirl20024 said...

I would love to see basic leggings or narrow leg pants added to the line.

Melita said...

i agree with the other lovely ladies, would love to have a cap sleeve scoop neck tranquilit-shirt. speaking of t-shirts, just a plain t-shirt would be great also! love the ballet-inspired ideas. i know whatever you make it will be fabulous!!


LittleSister said...

I love your idea of the flowy skirt. I live in that sort of style for work - dressed up OR down, and they are SO hard to find. Some are WAY too short to be practical for everyday and others are so long on my 5' frame that no heel is high enough to get the hem off the floor. Please, PLEASE, do one. It's the only thing I don't already have from TranquiliT!