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Monday, December 28, 2009

oklahoma extravaganza

hollyday highlights:
crafting with headlamps when electricity was out during blizzard.
making tea and soup on fireplace.
getting snowed in with no tv, heat, light, or luggage.
overeating pistachio jello "salad."
playing cards with 97-year-old gramma who kept cheating.
trying my hand at mixed media.
winter wonderland - oklahoma's biggest snowstorm to date.
gorgeous handmade necklace + earrings from mum in my fave sparkly bead.
homemade peppermint bath salt from mum.
watching pops' birds out the window.
showing pops tranquilista.
playing hide + go seek with nephews and winning!
watching grey gardens, the pianist (AMAZING!), frost nixon, the women.
opening thoughtful gifts - oodles o' candles + scented bath products.
being reunited with my luggage at the airport en route back to dc. handy.
getting picked up by beau (w/ flowers) + sir louis (w/ kisses) at airport.
heading straight to tranquil space for yoga 3 after day o' travel.

ahhh, delighted to savor a yummy bath, light new peppermint candles, and crawl into my bed with my beloved boys nearby. what a journey the past few days have been. whew! need a vacation from my holiday. hope your travels were full o' tranquility despite
all the hustle and bustle. fa la la la la la la la la.

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