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Friday, December 11, 2009

newsletter coming by dec. 22

bonjour my darlings. have you signed up for the tranquility du jour newsletter (see bottom of page)?

once i get these darned graduate school papers done (due monday), *you* are my focus. i've had "craft newsletter" on my planner pad to-dos for more weeks than i want to admit. so, i hoping to get it out next week or the 21st. i'll be sharing upcoming adventures, unveiling our new guest bloggers, giving a preview of podcasts and videos to come, answering your questions (FAQs), and sprinkling inspiration tranquility du jour style.

if there is something you'd like to see, learn, or experience, question for the FAQs? photo montage of fave holiday fete outfits? recipe for balt salt making? no request is too silly. please let moi know so i can include it. i'll be crafting it for toi.

wishing you a weekend filled with inspiration. i'll be snuggling up at the cabin with beau and sir louis the pug while snow pours outside. busily finishing up papers, dreaming up 2010 goals, and taking yoga + tea breaks with visions of sugar-plums.

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Sarah said...

Good luck with your final papers! It will be over before you know it. :)

I'm looking forward to your newsletter!

Sallie Ann said...

Lovely picture of you! I hope it doesn't snow too hard as I'll be driving from Lancaster, PA to D.C. and want to make it in time for 2:15pm yoga! So excited. Have a productive and restful weekend. I miss thinking in semesters. Love school!

Lucy said...

Good luck with final papers!!

I too am looking forward to the newsletter. Maybe the faq section could include some pics of plannerpad decorating and how you schedule your week. I love the way you described your sched on the call with Christine Arylo (dedicating blocks of time to certain projects each week so that you know Monday are your class prep days, tues are for x, wed for y, etc).

Zoƫ said...

I'd love to know how you schedule your average day.

By the time Ive done all that I need to do I'm usually too exhausted to get going with my creative goals!

I would *love* to find an hour every night to just paint. But it's not happened so far! :) And if anything its probably the most important thing I need to let myself do.

Can't wait to receive your newsletters!