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Thursday, November 19, 2009

why i heart paris

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why i heart paris:

style, oh the style
lights - from the perfect dim ambient cafe lighting to uplighting of old, ornate buildings
the language - it's music to my oklahoman ears
 french music - from carla bruni to mc solar
tea salons
appreciation of details
big, tall, heavy doors
heavy ornate knockers on doors
tip is included
it cost a friend 150 euros to attend a semester at university
flower shops are pieces of art
love of fashion - ex. the exhibit i saw two days ago
impressionistic art on display
notre dame
moulin rouge
the seine
yummy cheeses
it's ok to sit down to simply sip a pot of tea
dogs can join us in restaurants
chocolate is an art and treated as such
fragrant french soaps
the eiffel tower sparkles
the double kiss greeting
mona lisa lives here

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Sallie Ann said...

Loved your list and second all listed. I think I mentioned this before, but I sleep better there than anywhere else. And I love that good wine is often very inexpensive and food is art.