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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

a week of travels

bonjour from a hotel lounge in philly.

took the train up (earlier than is humane) to the city of brotherly love this morning and have a few minutes to spare before my workshop on "sacred commerce: business as a path of awakening" with the founders of cafe gratitude. the past few days were constant on-the-go with a 12-hour drive to montreal, workshops at centre luna yoga, oodles of yummy vegetarian dining, belly laughs with beloved hosts jenn (featured in photo) and jason, 12-hour drive back from montreal - all within four days. during the drive up to montreal i went through many back issues of inc, friends of the animals, boho, and body+soul magazines. i find this process to be so cathartic and always come away with new great ideas. now i need to make sure i read and organize all the great resources that i pulled. despite the busyness of the past few days, i was sure to savor hot baths, hot tea, and sprinkles of yoga.

today i'm delighted to savor an intimate (small group setting) workshop with two business owners that i've admired for a few years. last week i got a notice that they were going to be in philly and decided to take the plunge and get my bum up here to indulge in their work. i've read their book, sacred commerce, and love their innovative way of looking at business.

after today, i have two days until i head to paris for ten glorious days and i'm scrambling to ensure everything is in order before i cross the pond. i'm super, duper excited and plan to do lots of reading, writing, sipping bubbly + pots of tea (not together), napping, walking, exploring the tuileries, hit a paris flea market (i hear there are massive chandeliers - ooh la la), and romancing with beau near the eiffel tower. no big agenda, simply the desire to bask in the beauty of this gorgeous culture. any must-experiences that you recommend, pass along s’il vous plaît. i'll be sure to take video and blog while away so it's like you're coming . . . in spirit! xoxo

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Katherine said...

voyages sûrs! ayez un magnifique voyage!

can't wait to read about your adventures!