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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

indulge in tranquility

for those of you on the call tonight with the lovely christine arylo of self love studio, you know that the big dare i gave you was to indulge in 5 minutes of tranquility EACH day. in case you need some suggestions on how to make that happen, here are a few of my favorites:

sip hot tea
do 10 sun salutations
pet your furry friends
take a walk
arrange flowers
light a candle
listen to carla bruni
savor miso soup
take a hot bath
pen a snail mail thank you
call your gramma
write in your journal
paint your nails
curl your hair
eat chocolate covered almonds
don comfy togs and do legs up the wall

let me know how *you* indulge in tranquility. i hope you will participate in this challenge and make it part of your everyday. xoxo

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Sallie Ann said...

Could cross a few of those off:
Bubble bath
chamomile tea
big bowl of hydrangeas
Melissa Balm oil sprinkled on sheets

Shannon said...

Love this idea! Today I can cross off: take a walk, meditate; getting ready to light a candle and write in my journal.

Other faves: Make soup, bake (anything!), sit at fave café with rice milk latte and people watch, go to museum/art gallery, take photos.

Analiese said...

I love all of these ideas. Some of my favorite ways to indulge in tranquility are

take a bubble bath
pull an old favorite book off the shelf and re-read parts of it
refresh with lavender aromatherapy write in my journal
light candles and do a couple restorative yoga poses
trade back rubs with my honey
read an uplifting magazine (like Real Simple) in bed with a cup of tea next to me

Lexi said...

Thanks so much for last night's self love time! I just want to follow Ginny's comments - you have helped so much more than you might ever know!! You got me through my dissertation, girl . . . so, if there is anything I can help you with through the MSW - just reach out!

Susan said...

Love these ideas - will take that challenge!
A few of mine...
Feed the ducks, play in the leaves and have a ticklefest with my little one!

Katherine said...

love this! some of the ways i find tranquility are meditate, snuggle with my pup, take a hike in the beautiful blue ridge mountains, read a good book, practice yoga, and journal! thanks for your inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Great call last night...enjoyed your words of wisdom! This week coming off my Tranquility Personal Retreat I am already indulging in one or more the following everyday:

sip hot tea
take a walk
write in your journal

The journal thing I am doing now right after I get up as part of The Artist's Way group I am participating in. It is keeping me from jumping directly onto the computer which is a habit we both share, LOL!

maro mastro said...

I loved last night's call as well. I have been so inspired by you! Yesterday I was rushing around non-stop, but I was determined to make time for the call (even though I felt like I had "a million other things that *needed* to get done," whatever that means). So, listening to your interview was definitely my hour of tranquility!

I have to know, what is the name of the incense you mentioned last night? When I receive my TranquiliT clothes they smell wonderful, but I can't put my finger on it and it's not from the lovely lavender sachet. I wonder if it's the incense!

Anonymous said...

Loved the call last night! It was my moment of tranquility during a hectic day.

Continued the dare today with an indulgent 75 mins of restorative yoga (filled with lots of yummy assists)! Feeling absolutely blissful!

Jessica said...

Sipping tea
Sitting at my window and just watching the world
Going on a solitary hike
Coloring in coloring book with crayons
Closing my eyes in my rocking chair for five minutes
Sleeping in a little bit