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Sunday, November 29, 2009

artist date inspiration

As you know, I have an Artist Date Challenge (see podcast shownotes for a description) going on with hopes of inspiring *each reader* to engage in artistic play. I received this submission yesterday and am delighted to share Kathryn's (True North Arts: and Collage Diva Blog: creativity:
"I've been pushing myself lately. I work full-time, I'm a single mom, and I regularly publish on two blogs. November was extra intense for I was participating in Art Every Day Month. In the process of reaching my daily creativity goal I had lost my morning routine of yoga, meditation, journaling, and walks. By the end of week three my neck and shoulders were screaming. I told myself that I would treat myself in December to an artist date. Oh but my neck and shoulders made it quite clear that they couldn't wait. I pulled out a gift certificate for a massage and called to make a date. The photos offer you a look at what happened after my massage.

1. I enjoyed a lunch of carrot-ginger soup, apple slices, and Terra vegetable chips.
2. I lit my favorite candle, a jasmine scented candle in the shape of a lotus flower.
3. I moved to my comfy overstuffed chair and read a little book called, "The Prayer Box Book: Create, Write, and Live Your Prayers" by Janell Moon.  I sat for a time following Janell's suggestion for a meditation. She writes, "...turn your attention to your heart and envision a lotus flower opening, twelve petals, one at a time...just watch the unfolding of the flower of your heart. After reading about prayer boxes and prayer lines I journaled to explore my prayer and intention for the day. After writing a full page of thoughts, I settled on the following line: "I listen to what my body needs."
4. I returned to my kitchen table and made some of my favorite tea.
5. I was feeling restless and decided to warm up my creative engines by making a collage. As I flipped through magazines, I followed my instincts. When I flipped to a page with a photo of Pema Chondron I knew I found my image. I usually layer several pictures but this photo was so striking. The following was excerpted from her 11th book, Taking the Leap. "Pausing is very creates a momentary contrast between being completely self-absorbed, and being awake and present. You just stop for a few seconds, breathe deeply, and move on....pausing nurtures you." This is just what I needed right now, a good pause.
6-7. After a walk in the brisk air I returned and altered a little notebook and wooden box to keep my prayer lines.
8. Inside the box I put a couple of tokens and on a piece of paper the words, "I pause and listen."

What a wonderful day. My body and soul feel so nourished and loved. I hope you are inspired to take a couple of hours, an afternoon, or even a full day for yourself."

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Kathryn Costa said...

How fun to see my artist date posted on your blog. I look forward to seeing how others treat themselves on their artist dates.

Melita said...

sounds delightful!

Sallie Ann said...

Today I baked more cookies (spicey gingersnaps) and made a few holiday cards with my new stamps, glitter, ribbon and paints. All this, while listening to my favorite Pottery Barn Christmas music really put me in the holiday mood!

Vintage Butterfly said...

This sounds like a wonderful day. My soul is happy that you found some peace. Thank so much for sharing and reminding us of how important that time for ourselves is. Have a fabulous Holiday season.

Janell Moon said...

I'm glad you liked and used my book kit, The Prayer Box. I love to use rituals myself and prayer is such a good way to show intention. As for collage, I do collage by putting disparate parts together and have the joy (the balance) of making a whole.
Janell Moon