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Friday, October 30, 2009

tranquil space 10-year birthday bash TONIGHT

it's hard to believe that it has been an entire decade of tranquil spacing. i recall this time of the year ten years ago vividly. i was having my annual lillian reunion (mum, gramma, moi) in louisiana at gramma's (lillian) home. leaves were changing, we were doing our typical small-town louisiana stuff - browsing boutiques, watching movies, doing craft things, eating at sonic drive-in, and i was getting excited about bringing strangers into my living room to do yoga. i recall checking voicemails from louisiana to see who was calling to reserve their space and getting so excited about what i was hoping to create - a community of like-minded people seeking tranquility.

fast forward 10 years. oodles of typical small-business challenges (ex: working 17-hr days, hiring, creating systems, dealing with DC bureaucracy, building out new spaces), even more opportunities (ex: growing by word of mouth, opening in VA and MD, adding a spa, boutique, teacher training, and organic clothing line), a VERY talented team, and a celebration of our efforts TONIGHT.

we'll be streaming tonight's festivities live on ustream so please tune in from 7-9 ET to celebrate with us virtually. beau worked hours and hours on capturing our history via a mini TS10 documentary which will be debuted tonight and available online tomorrow. join us for live music, complimentary tranquility to go CD for first 50 guests, local food, festive apple cider, yoga demos, and mingling off the mat.

it's been a beautiful ride. i pinch myself from time to time completely surprised at how the tiny seed planted in a living room has grown to an organization that brings tranquility to thousands of washingtonians each week. may we continue to evolve into a socially conscious organization that offers oodles and oodles of goodness to our community. thank you for being a part of it by reading this blog, participating in teleclasses, taking classes at our studios, and/or supporting eco-fashion.

may there be ten more years of tranquility. joyeux anniversaire. xoxo

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Gina said...

Happy Anniversary! It is so wonderful to hear and see success stories such as yours. Thank you for your retreats and teleclasses.

Kaileen Elise said...

Congrats Kimberly!! What an accomplishment. Even though I've never stepped foot in TS, I am sure I would fall in love at first sight. Keep up all the amazing work - you are such an inspiration. xo, kaileenelise