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Saturday, October 10, 2009

tranquil space foundation gala = yoga + creativity + leadership celebration

the past two days have been non-stop green festival so i'm a bit delayed in sharing photos + scoop on our third annual tranquil space foundation. it was our most successful fundraiser and the event was inspiring - from belly dancing (creativity) to a yoga demonstration to speakers (leadership) sharing how they've used funds we've donated or work we've shared with our tranquil teens prorgram. i felt truly honored to be among such talented women and men working to make a difference in the lives of women around the world.

a BIG thank you to all of you who supported the online and silent auction, donated to the auction, and attended the event. MUCH appreciated.

i made out beautifully - won bids on 2-hours of office organizing and 5 facial treatments. ooh la la! such a treat as these aren't items i would normally treat myself to. doing so AND have it going to a good cause feels like a win-win. more photos on facebook + more to come.

saw coco before chanel tonight. dreamy. noted on twitter - new femme obsession: au revoir madonna, bonjour coco chanel!

must soak in the tub and get oodles of zzzs. the green festival trade show is such fun but takes tons of energy - especially for an introvert. xo

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Anonymous said...

Hey Girlfriend...I'm glad it went well. Curious to know if the artwork sold! I ended up in town afterall, but made the decision fairly late and didn't get it together to attend. I plan to see the Coco Chanel movie between today and tomorrow...cannot WAIT! Congrats on a wonderful event!

shannon said...

i cannot wait to see the movie coco before chanel! not only do i love chanel, but i am also a huge fan of audrey tautou. so glad to hear that it was good.