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Thursday, October 22, 2009

it's the little things

as i was packaging up TranquiliT orders last friday and writing "thank you" or other small notes on the invoices, i got the bright idea to get some french stamps so i could write "merci" instead. headed to the macbook and voila, came across these darling stamps i'd previously seen at the philly art museum. had to have them. they arrived this week and i can't wait to ship orders late tonight so i can get my stamp on. aren't these darling?

it's truly surprising to me what gets me all excited and i must say it is the little things in life that bring moi AMAZING joy. here are a few of my recent joy-inducers:

teacup pigs
these stamps
sequin leggings
stepping onto campus at catholic university and basking in being a student again
sequin berets 
the act of getting creative
taking pen to paper and reflecting in my journal
mixed media
crossing items off my to-do list with a sparkly pen
non-violent communication
collaborating with like-minded ladies
prepping for the self-love studio: tune in november 4
setting up my etsy store
sending snail mail thank yous to louis' birthday pals with "L" monogrammed stationery and paw stamp
prepping for today's meeting with office organizer kacy (won this in the tranquil space foundation online auction - woo hoo!)
my new pink office chair
cuddling fireside with my beloved pug
sipping fresh hot cider
returning to my yoga mat after doctor's orders to rest for 10 days
meeting with vibrant new potential adds to our talented teaching team
hearing from you about guest blogging and updating our blog look (more to come)

what un petite thing brings you great joy? may we continue to be nurtured and surprised by the little things in life. xo

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Sarah said...

Great things to bring great joy! Love the stamps! I think I may need to invest in some stamps of my own.

Lisa said...

The little things are totally what make life! They're so so important.

Bob Weisenberg said...

Looking outside my kitchen window, as I describe in:

Honey I Shrunk the Kids

Bob Weisenberg

Kathianne said...

I love this list of things that make you happy. I think I clicked on almost every link. I have to say, those sequin leggings are fabulous and the teacup piggies too cute! I didn't even know there was such a thing.