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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

in a new york minute

reusable water bottle
reusable pink tea mug
idea book
sparkly pens
1-2 books
planner pad
additional layers
perfume oil
notecards to jot thank yous
laptop (on occasion)
calling cards

catch earliest bus up and latest bus home
slumber both directions
hit H+M and borders by penn station
head to union square
yoga at jivamukti
noodles at republic
bookstore browse at strand
sip tea + browse at barnes + noble
shop accessories at forever 21
indulge in cupcake at cupcake cafe
back to penn station to catch bus
slice of pizza
30-60-minute foot rub
sip tea + browse at borders until closes at 10
hop on bus at 10:30

layers that transition from travel to yoga to fancy fete
comfy shoes
purse plus tote bag for new accessories + must-have books
sequin beanie
mani + pedi
red lipstick
splash of white musk perfume oil
faux fur cropped jacket

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Carolyn said...

I LOVE New York and am happy that you enjoyed a spectacular day!!

Caitlin said...

Impeccable timing! I'm going to NYC next weekend for a Leadership Summit for the Hunger Project. Unfortunately there won't be much free time in the itinerary for all the fun stuff, but I do hope to have time for a cupcake :-)

Shannon said...

Love this...of course I have to fly rather than take the bus/train these days, but will incorporate this list for my long weekend in Dec.

Ange said...

I love the way you think girl! Have fun1!

Melita said...

nothing better than a day in nyc!