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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

TranquiliT bamboo = green

don't be bamboozled. there has been a recent flood of controversy on whether or not bamboo fabric is truly eco-friendly. the main concern appears to be the processing of the bamboo as noted in this article by associated content and eco-yogini.

tanboocel bamboo fiber, which is our brand of bamboo fiber, is a regenerated cellulose fiber - made from the natural organic bamboo by a high tech process that is non-polluting to the environment during production. unlike the bamboo fabric made in other ways, TranquiliT's fabric is processed in a sealed container where 100% of the chemicals that are used are trapped and contained - not released into the factory, environment or atmosphere. in addition to the greener processing, the bamboo we use is certified as organic by the Organic Crops Improvement Association International (OCIA).

while i'm not claiming that bamboo is the perfect solution for saving the environment, i do believe it to be an AMAZING fabric. it has advantages over cotton and other fabrics, a drape compared to silk or cashmere, and feels simply luxurious.

green earth bamboo sheds more light on the controversy and notes that there is a lot to consider when exploring the environmental impact of a product. i'm a believer in the green value of the bamboo used to wrap you in TranquiliT.

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