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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

slumbering bliss

considering my on-the-go lifestyle, i'm very serious about my sleep. at least 8 hours (preferably 9-10) is a must. if it looks like it may not happen due to my bad habit of staying up way past my bedtime to handle that one more thing, i begin to panic and proclaim, "i must fall asleep within 2.5 minutes to get my full 8 hours." then i quickly don my eyepillow, insert ear plugs, strategically place my pillows (i sleep with 10 . . . seriously), ensure a cup of water nearby, and curl up for slumbering bliss.

in hip tranquil chick (p. 137) i outline my top 6 savvy sleeping tips:
1. invest in earplugs - great for travel
2. indulge in an eyepillow - i use one with a band to stay securely fastened during my sleeping
3. put on a soothing cd - j'adore sounds of rain and waterfalls
4. drink of plenty of water - stay hydrated
5. spray the pillow - lavender is helpful
6. apply lip gloss - keep your face and lips moisturized (i love almond oil)

one additional helpful hint: have pen and paper nearby to capture middle of the night ideas and random to-dos that come to mind. this will get them out of your head and onto paper so you can slumber with a clear mind.

may your sleep be full of tranquility.

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The Depressed Yogi said...

It took me awhile to figure out that was Louis snuggled in your crook. He blended in with you black top! Toooo cute!!

Lynne from NY said...

CVS has HOT PINK earplugs!

Lexington said...

Thank you for this lovely list. I just pulled out your book and re-read the chapter where these sleeping tips are listed.

Where do you get super cute sleeping masks?