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Thursday, August 27, 2009

what's on your mind?

what are you pensively pondering? anything keeping you up at night? i've found that writing about them via my journal or blog or even sharing them with beau allows me to get them off my chest. the simple act of writing things down opens up mental space for dreaming, being, expressing.

last night i had a dream that i was trying to teach to a large group of yogis but the stereo was in another room. i kept going into the other room to get the right song on a CD (clearly didn't have my iPod with carefully chosen playlists) but continuously chose rockin' tunes for relaxation. it was a minor disaster. then i was trying to take women's studies classes along with my social work classes but they overlapped in time and i couldn't figure out a way around it. typical anxiety dream but i recall the struggles vividly hours later.

writing these silly dreams or concerns down can help them dissipate. here's a list of what's on my mind at this moment:

- my hand hurts. yesterday's cortisone shot has left it tender, but on the mend.
- looming deadline. 5 days left to finalize tranquilista.
- school starts monday! super-duper excited.
- details surrounding tranquil space foundation gala on october 8.
- why am i so tired? feel forever sleepy this summer.
- excited about heading to beau's cabin for some editing and R+R on saturday.
- looking forward to MSW orientation on sunday.
- wondering how addition of grad school to current schedule will play out.

anything in particular on your mind? changes you're pondering? dreams? fears?

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Sharon Tessandori said...

I'm gifting myself with the time to dream a few new dreams (a cabana by the sea in Tulum...why not). It feels very good. And needed.

Sending you grace and ease during the moments of ick. And the moments of YES. :)

Anonymous said...

I recently made decisions to "release" some initiatives from my business which has left me pondering but I feel lighter about it. Probably will blog about it this weekend. Thanks for sharing and opening up space for us all to share.

Caitlin said...

I start back to school on Monday too. Haven't had the scary dreams yet, but as I recently bought myself new notebooks/pens/binders, the anxiety nightmare will soon arrive. What do you do to prepare for the first week of school?

Melita said...

good post! as autumn is upon us i think like the trees shed theirs leaves we also need to shed what is weighing us down as we transition into fall.

i am transitioning into a huge shift in careers. i was bound and determined to get into grad school for accounting & after trying to pass the gmat twice (i'm a terrible standardized test taker) i sent my decision into the universe and the universe clearly answered me! i am starting massage therapy school sept. 29th and couldn't be more excited! :D i have been trying to do morning pages/journaling during this transition time to ease any stress related anxieties away. writing things down really does help.

i look forward to hearing more about your schooling & how it's dovetailing with your already fabulous life! :)

Lisa Sonora said...

How timely.
I'm a little nervous about our interview tomorrow.

Wondering how I can add value to your audience when I'm not thinking I'm either Hip or Tranquil so much of the time.

Perhaps that is the nature of us introverted artistic types: and good fodder for discussion?!

I look forward to talking with your tomorrow, even if I'm feeling less than tranquil about it at the moment.


The Depressed Yogi said...

What's on my mind these days...

- starting to dread getting up and going to work everyday (again)

- this TX summer heat makes me uber cranky, and i can't wait for cooler weather (although that prob won't be hitting us until late Oct)

- feeling overwhelmed with a jam-packed Planner Pad... wondering how gals like you do it all!