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Thursday, August 13, 2009

s’il vous plaît: subtitle suggestions requested

soooo, i know you haven't read my new book and probably don't know what it is about beyond the title tranquilista but i'm requesting your talented + creative input on the perfect subtitle oozing with je ne sais quoi. here's the skinny:

* the 8 chapters consist of entrepreneurship (3 of 'em), spirituality, creativity, style, do-gooding, goal setting, and the book is full of tranquil tips on living live fully, mindfully, and flairfully.

* you've seen the cover. it's dreamy. stylish ladies working + musing + sipping tea at a cafe.

* j'adore tranquilista: the ooh la la guide to enlightened work + mindful play. my editor doesn't. (yes, i continue to overdo my love for the phrase "ooh la la.") we've been toying with numerous subtitle versions and are struggling to find the right one that: helps define the book and is catchy.

* a few we've played with but dismissed: "tranquilista: a yoga teacher's guide to enlightened work and mindful play" OR "tranquilista: n. a woman who lives fully through enlightened work and mindful play" OR "tranquilista: 8 gems for mindful extravagance" OR "tranquilista: a girl's guide to fashionably enlightened entrepreneurship." (don't want to limit to entrepreneurs)

* of course i'd love a french phrase but most of all i want the "a ha" moment when i hear the perfect subtitle. please pass along any brainstorming suggestions to moi at or leave an idea in the comments section below!

* if your subtitle is chosen, i'll gift you with a $300 shopping spree to TranquiliT plus a complimentary signed copy of the book before it hits stores mid-january!

muse away. i'm eagerly awaiting your creative input. xo

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Sallie Ann said...

Do you want the subtitle in french?

Goddess Leonie * said...

So this book is targeted specifically for entrepreneurs?

Tranquilista: Your guide to being an entrepreneuric yogi...

Tranquilista: Live your mindful, creative entrepreneur dreams...

Tranquilista: Your guide to being a mindful, creative entrepreneur diva!

Tranquilista: A yoga teacher's guide to divine business and spirited play!

Lauren said...

Hmmm, a few ideas:

Tranquilista: A Guide to Mindful and Extravagant Joie de Vivre

Tranquilista: A Girl's Guide to Launching the Life of Her Dreams

Tranquilista: Off the Mat and Into the World

Tranquilista: Guide to a Haute and Mindful Life

kimberly wilson said...

these are such fun, playful starts. merci! to answer your questions:

- not necessarily in french, but a well-known french phrase

- lifestyle book that includes entrepreneurial chapters.

- j'adore the use of joie de vivre

hmmmm. wheels are turning! xo

Dominique said...

Tranquilista: The girl's guide to finding the joie de vivre in both work and play

I'm trying to think of some more...

Maite said...

Here are some ideas in French which can be understood even if you don't speak it:

Tranquilista: Petit manuel pour une vie en rose

Tranquilista: Kit de survie pour une vie en rose

(I like to play on the "pink" theme)

Tranquilista: Leçons de joie de vivre

If I come up with any other ideas I'll let you know.

nicole cavanaugh said...

tranquilista: n. one who creates a mindful métier off the mat

tranquilista: an entrepreneur's mindful guide to la vie en rose

Self Help Goddess said...

How 'bout throwing the word chic in there for some French flair? Maybe something like:

Tranquilista: A Chic Guide to Creativity, Spirituality, and Mindful Entrepreuneurship


Tranquilista: A Chic Guide to Creativity, Mindful Living, and Entrepreuneurship

I'll keep thinking! :-)

Self Help Goddess said...

Ok, just thought of one more:

A Chic Girl's Guide to Creativity, Enlightenment, and Entrepreuneurship

Unknown said...

Loving the illustration -seems to suit your style perfectly. Also loving the changes to the fonts being used.
I think the subtitle of "...fashionably enlightened entrepreneurship" sums up what you have described the book as being (plus it MAKES me want to read it!) and doesn't limit it to just those who do yoga. But to bring in the French language you love so much, how about swapping "A Girls' Guide" for something like "Le Femme.." as in "Le femme Guide to Fashionably Enlightened Entrepreneurship"?


Maite said...

Here's a couple of others on the same theme:

Tranquilista: Joie de vivre mode d'emploi

Traquilista: Vie en rose mode d'emploi

The Depressed Yogi said...

Boo 2 your editor! I really LIKE "the ooh la la guide..."!!!

Ok i will put my thinking hat on for this one. ;)

rachal said...

the joie de vivre of living tranquilly in business, play, and social consciousness

vj said...

these are GREAT! what a creative group!

i was thinking along the same lines:
A FAB FEMME's guide to fashionable entrepreneurship.

bonne chance!

Genevieve Luna said...

I was thinking...

Tranquilista: Le Chic guide to mindful work and creative play.

I'll keep thinking.

I can't wait to read your book. I know it's going to be success.

Ms. Bliss said...

Le F.E.M.M.E Guide to Life
F.E.M.M.E. = Fashionably Enlightened and Mindful Muse of Creative Existence

Ms. Bliss said...

That should say:

Tranquilista: The F.E.M.M.E* Guide to Life

*Fashionably Enlightened and Mindful Muse to a Creative Existence.

Still thinking though... ;)

Anonymous said...

1. A Yogini's Guide to Living with Spirit, Style, & Savoir Faire

2. A Chic, Conscious Guide for Making You + Your World a Nirvana

3. A Girl's Guide for Living with Passionate Purpose and Élan

Ms.Lee said...

I loove the cover, some ideas...

Tranquilista: A woman's guide to living fully, mindfully, & owning her "ooh la la"!

Tranquilista: A woman's guide to living your life, loving your life, and giving back in work and play.

Tranquilista: A woman's manual on opening your heart, mind, & soul to creatively choose your life's path.

cutestgoalie said...

Tranquilista: nurture your inner goddess with tips on living with finesse and ingenuity

Tranquilista: a goddess' guide to a tres inspired and serene life

Shannon said...

I thought maybe...

Finding Your Joie de Vivre through Enlightened Work and Mindful Play

good luck! so excited for you!

Ananda said...

WOW. So many great suggestions.

Here's mine:

Tranquilista: Joie de Vivre for
21st Century Woman Seeking Enlightenment, Entrepreneurship, and Mindful Extravagance

BTW, I really love Bliss' suggestions.

KK said...

I have to agree with your editor on "ooh la la" - it's flightiness doesn't seem to equal "mindful" or "entrepreneurship." Lauren hit the nail on the head with joie de vivre, and adding that to the current subtitle would definitely make me buy the book rather than just read it in Borders. Changing "a girl's guide" to "THE girl's guide" also implies it's the definitive guide - which we all know it will be!

So here's my suggestion:

Tranquilista: the girl's guide to joie de vivre and fashionably enlightened entrepreneurship

Anonymous said...

I would illustrate the benefit in the subtitle by adding something more tangible and descriptive, telling readers what they will get out of the book.
A journey to living a life of…
Discover a… and… life

Unknown said...

How about? -
Tranquilista - Guide to Living an Authentic Life or a more authentic life.
Here is the first option in French too - Le guide du fait de Mener une Vie Authentique

I think this sums all of the points up. I'lll keep musing though.

Ms. Bliss said...

Le F.E.M.M.E.* Guide to Joie de Vivre or Le F.E.M.M.E. Guide to a Tres Chic Life (couldn't find how to add the accent mark, sorry ;))

*Fashionably Enlightened & Modern Mindful Esprit

Ms. Bliss said...

Tranquilista: Le F.E.M.M.E.* Guide to Joie de Vivre or
Tranquilista: Le F.E.M.M.E.* Guide to a Tres Chic Life

*F.E.M.M.E. = Finding Esprit & Modern, Mindful Entrepreneurship

Translated as: Tranquilista: The Finding of liveliness in mind/spirit and Modern, Mindful Entreprenuership Guide to the joy of living or
Tranquilista: The Finding of liveliness in mind/spirit and Modern, Mindful Entreprenuership Guide to an in style/desirable life.

Ms. Bliss said...

Tranquilista: Le F.E.M.M.E. Everything Guide

F.E.M.M.E = Fashionably Enlightened & Modernly Mindful Entrepreneur's

Tranquilista: Le Crémé de la F.E.M.M.E.*

Fashionable Enlightenment & Mindful Musings on Entrepreneurship

Lisa said...

Very good suggestions all. I have no suggestions, but I do have a tip from a certain perspective ~

"Girl" seems limiting to me. I think alot of women my age (40s)would miss out on a book they might love if it is directed towards "girls".

I'm loving Femme instead of girl.

Globetrotting Cacti said...

Was out for a walk today and went by a boutique called " savoir faire" and immediatly thought of your book. Maybe a phrase that could be played with....

Globetrotting Cacti said...

Ignore my previous comment! Just been on the Mireille Guiliano site (so excited about her new book too) and it has "savoir faire" in the sub-title. Looking forward to hearing what you come up with - it can be so much fun playing with words/order etc.

Lucy said...

Love the cover!

Tranquilista: the modern girl's guide to joie de vivre

Tranquilista: a guide to finding/cultivating joie de vivre at work and at play

Tranquilista: a guide to cultivating joie de vivre everyday

Ms. Bliss said...

Tranquilista: The Accessory to Zen Guide of Mindful Work & Play

Jay said...

Tranquilista: A Guide to Shifting Your Je Ne Sais Quoi to Joie de Vie

Caitlin said...

You could connect it with your first book by using "Hip Tranquil Chick" in the subtitle...
xyz the hip tranquil chick way
the hip tranquil chicks guide to xyz
good luck!

Ange said...

Tranquilista: A gal's guide to a tres chic life

Tranquilista: A journey to living the a tres chic life

jen said...

Tranquilista- mindful, playful, successful
Tranquilista- A guide to mindfully making your dreams reality
Tranquilista- manifesting a life of entrepreneurial bliss

nicole cavanaugh said...


n. a woman enamoured in creating her mindful entrepreneurial self in work and play

(trying to include the 'amour' in enamored ;)

nicole cavanaugh said...


n. a woman enamoured in creating her mindful entrepreneurial self in work and play

(trying to include the 'amour' in enamored ;)

Robyn Thompson said...

lifestyle & entrepreneurship, a la mode.

the avant-garde lifestyle of yoga and entrepreneurship

a guide to chic lifesyle & entrepreneurship

n. entrepreneurial yogini a la mode

n. an avant-garde yogini

a guide to innovation and raison d'etre

a tete-a-tete about fashionable and entrepreneurial lifestyle

entrepreneurship & la joie de vivre

entrepreneurship & le douceur de vivre

using femme rather than girl is a lovely idea... yet two things to remember: it is a feminine word, and thus must be "la" femme rather than "le" femme! and secondly, it can have the connotation of "femme fatale"