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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

more portland petals

beau and i had a *delightful* trip despite travel drama on both ends that included missed connections, delayed flights, and loads of airport time.

the wedding was lovely (gleefully danced to "pour some sugar on me," "thriller," and "dancing queen"), i took five yummy yoga classes, picked up a new feather and flower headband, spent five hours at powells (bought 6 books - see photo), and got to see oodles of old friends. here are some snapshots of our sojourn, including a fabulous boutique i browsed (note the french theme) and lovely roses that lined the street outside the wedding location.

of course i had to include a photo of sir louis who we picked up this morning. he's been sleeping ever since. never seen him so worn out. yay canine camp!

crawling into bed after a 15-hour day return to reality. the past two weeks of travel with a birthday in between as led my planner pad loving self into a much-fuller-than-normal planner pad! oh, and to top it off i started french classes today. yet again, worst pronunciator in class. how can that be considering it is a 101 level? is there a basic basic? more to come on this exciting drama-filled train wreck. c'est la vie. xo

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Sarah said...

Lovely photos! Thanks for sharing.

The Depressed Yogi said...

fun fun FUN! you look gorgeous and beau is tres handsome. next time i'm in DC i'm bringing my all-in-one so you can teach me how to be a master wrapper/dressmaker, too.


Naturally Jules said...

Love Portland - beautiful & green! Will have to stop and roam next time I'm there (3 weeks, yay!)

I so have to giggle about your "sprench" - I had a classmate in my French 2 class in high school that had the same issue! Keep working on it - you'll get it!

Vienna said...

Lovely pics!
I really like the dress. Do you deliver to the UK?
I totally sympathise with you and your French pronunctiation, it's sooooo difficult! For some strange reason fate made me a French teacher when all I wanted to be was a Spanish teacher. I was forced to teach the two languages so I went to l'Allian├žaise Fran├žaise and enroled myself in Beginners 2. Well, I learnt, eventually, thrown in the deep end. I hope your teacher is more experienced or even better, actually French!!!!

Unknown said...

I heard that Diane Vreeland loved pugs becaue their faces "looked like roses." Your little pug is so adorable!!