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Sunday, June 07, 2009

tweet, tweet

bon soir from beau's cabin in the woods.

we headed out here post-race for the cure on saturday. being surrounded by country air, the smell of fresh cut grass, and a full moon brings me heaps of tranquility. it's been a busy weekend of errand running, teaching hip hop yoga to an *amazing* group of yogis (can you say "humpty dance"?), dining out with visiting family, playing catch up from the week's backlog (lifelong journey, eh?), running (ok really only ran 3 of the 5k) race for the cure, and leading a session on "growing as a teacher" at today's teacher team retreat nearby.

sunday nights are sacred: perfect for setting out my yoga practice schedule, transferring undone to-dos from last week to the upcoming week (way TOO many of those), assessing MITs (most important tasks), and podcasting or vidcasting (this week's vidcast from costa rica will come tomorrow). do you have a sunday night routine? one teacher at today's retreat said sunday is her "fun day" and she doesn't plan a thing. genius!

tonight while handling e-mails in front of the tony's, i found some new peeps to follow on twitter. if you are on twitter, please share your scoop in the comments section as i'd love to follow you and i'll bet other tranquility du jour tweeters would, too! i just added museum of modern art, karl lagerfeld, and some other fabulous femmes to my following list. would love to add you. j'adore updates and inspirations. follow moi. tweet tweet!

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Melita said...

yay for downtime spent in a cabin in good old west virginia. isn't the moon gorgeous tonight?!

looking forward to seeing the costa rica vidcast tomorrow.

and a big thanks for following me on twitter, i was thrilled when i found out :)

kimberly wilson said...

of course, i was delighted to find you there and was surprised it took me so long!

follow the lovely melita @melitamollohan.


Bronwyn said...

Oh yes, an amazing big yellow moon this month! I love it! I've really been enjoying twitter too, am following both you and Sir Louis... and you can find me @ArtfulWoman. I find myself wanting to share the beauty of the natural world around me every day, and fitting these musings into 144 characters is a great writer's challenge. fun.
Thanks for everything you do, Kimberly & ENJOY your breather in the woods!

CMB said...

is there anything better than getting away for the weekend? :-) Hope you had fun!

You can follow me on twitter at @dmtheta

Caitlin said...

Ditto, I giggled like a little girl, but shhhh Don't tell anybody ;-)

Green Diva said...

I love your podcast, and have really enjoyed your teleclasses. They helped me survive my last semester in graduate school!

You can follow me @greendiva4 ~

Sarah said...

I strive to have my Sunday nights as productive as yours! Last night I was so tired after my epic weekend, but perhaps I can catch up tonight!

kimberly wilson said...

yay, i'm following you all now!

sarah, be sure to share your scoop. fab blog, too!


Kaileen Elise said...

i'm def need to create a sunday night routine. usually by the end of the week all i want to do is chill on the couch and watch some mindless reality tv (accurate depiction of last night). the week would start off on a much better foot if i got ready mentally on sunday nights...

oh & thanks for following on twitter! i copied everyone from the comments above and followed them too :) @kaileenelise