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Thursday, June 04, 2009

i heart organization

while perusing ikea's bed section for beau's new home in the woods, i came across the perfect storage unit for TranquiliT. isn't this just fabulous? tres french chic, size i need, and great for keeping pet hair at bay. so, once the showroom returns to chez moi late july, this is where your orders will be coming from!

ikea is full of eye candy. i get so jazzed thinking of new ways to organize my tiny abode to make life more comfortable and always come away from that store with great ideas. much to beau's chagrin, that's how i got the "genius" idea of sleeping in a loft bed to open up more space. that experiment didn't last long! alas, i'm delighted about this new organizational system for my beloved eco-fashion collection.

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Melita said...

ikea is great for such finds as this one!! i think it will be perfect to house the tranquilit line.

The Depressed Yogi said...

ooh i wish i had space for that. i'm all about about covered storage these days. can't wait to see it all put together!!