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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

design your vision board THIS saturday

one of my favorite activities is designing a vision board. these photos show the lovely carolyn of hangontomato with her creation before and after - usually involves glitter! on saturday i'm hosting the first annual mid-year in-town retreat focused on visioning through yoga, meditation, holistic health, and vision board creation. if you're local, please consider joining us for the summer solstice staycation.

not local, but dying to design your own? here are a few fabulous resources:

1. unfolding your life vision kit by jennifer lee (podcast with her coming this summer)
2. the vision board: the secret to an extraordinary life by joyce schwarz
3. the creative entrepreneur: a DIY visual guidebook for making business dreams real by lisa sonora beam (podcast with her coming early fall)
4. the skinny: turn on inspiring tunes. clear your space and head. light a candle. collect images, photos, and/or quotes that appeal to who you want to be come or what you want to bring into existence. paste onto a folder (great for reusing). sprinkle glitter (add your own flair). place vision board where you will see it daily.
5. voila. set your intentions and watch what unfolds when you take action EACH day to move forward toward your bigger dreams.

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Melita said...

love carolyn's expression in those pics!!

can't wait to see you on saturday!! i've been looking forward to this for a long time now!!

jennifer lee said...

Thanks for the mention of the kit! And glad to see it the podcast with Lisa will be coming out. Have fun on Saturday. I sooo wish I lived closer to participate in all the fun stuff you offer.

Alia said...

I'm so very bummed that I can't make it Saturday...I was really looking forward to it. I hope there's another event like this that I can attend soon!

Globetrotting Cacti said...

I was tidying my study at the week-end and came across the vision board that I made during last Junes creativity circle. Was interesting to review my goals and see if there were any gaps in putting them in place.

The photos are great - looks like every-one was having a good time.

KK said...

Wish I could swoop over from this side of the pond and join you for the day! But I'll be with you in spirit on Saturday working on my own vision project - a vision day planner for 2010

Can't wait to hear the podcast!

Self Help Goddess said...

I LOVE my vision board that I made at the Hip Tranquil Chick retreat!! I absolutely adore it, and can't wait for everything on there to come true:)

Great to see you last night!!

ghenessa said...

WOW it is really great to have a Vision Board