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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

costa rica sparkled

wow, how quickly life has moved after savoring the slow pace of costa rica. although i *adored* my time away, it feels divine to be back in the grind.

here are some fun photos to capture the experience of last week. oodles of yoga, belly laughs, fresh fruit, rain clouds, hammocks, siestas, and girl time. a royal treat. we're returning may 22-29, 2010 in case you can escape with moi.

since i've returned, i've gone through 650 e-mails, wrapped and shipped off costa rica gifts, shipped online orders, led a team retreat, written two pieces for my column in the examiner, taught class, edited the tranquil space blog/june newsletter, written and submitted a grant proposal, read 70 pages of on writing well and written a 2-page paper for writing class, signed up for summer french classes at alliance francaise, put out a new podcast, had two team meetings, hunted down admissions for MSW program to see if i could still apply for fall (yep!), and savored an evening with a dear friend. whew, a whirlwind 72 hours. thus, i'm a bit behind with blogging. my apologies.

despite the hectic past few days, i AM savoring a slower pace - even if it doesn't sound like it. deadlines loom, to-dos pile up (always, eh?), ideas flow, and pet hair accummulates in corners. it's ok, i'm trying to remember this is all a journey. there is no final destination. enjoying the stargazer lilies, pet sounds, nag champa incense, frozen yogurt (topped with wheat germ + blackberries), good laughs, handwritten notes, and decaf chai along the way.

tonight when teaching i reminded students that for every two steps forward, there is usually one step back. savor the journey. don't rush it, but don't stand still. bask in the beauty that surrounds you every single day - in costa rica or at home.

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Sarah said...

Wow Kimberly, impressive! I wish I had your stamina! Perhaps my goal for today is for me to accomplish at least 60% of your daily productivity rate! If only you could bottle that energy and sell it, would be rich! ;)

Melita said...

i agree with sarah, you are one of the most impressive ladies i know! and if you do figure out a way to bottle your energy, i'll pay double to have some :)

Naturally Jules said...

Oh Kimberly, my head is spinning with all that you've accomplished since your return. I don't think I get that much accomplished in a month! Welcome back, and I have May 2010 on my wishlist!

jennifer lee said...

Oh, that looks divine!

Lynne from NY said...

Superwoman!!! What an inspiration you are.

That is the most beautiful place I've ever seen to practice yoga!

The Depressed Yogi said...

ooh i don't remember that giant fruit structure!! and yes, you are an incredible woman, and i would buy your energy in a heartbeat. :)

Lucy said...

Wowza! I'm so impressed~~it'd take me weeks to do what you did in 72hrs.

Thanks for such an inspiring start to my day!!

Anonymous said...

"don't rush it but don't stand still." poetic - and something to work on daily!

love the lusciousness that flows out from every photo. my favorite one is you in the hammock. :)