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Saturday, May 09, 2009


bonjour from bed!

soooo incredibly sore from the oodles of yoga coupled with boxing on thursday. running stairs and other *inhumane* antics encouraged by my teacher has profound effects for days to come. sunday's tranquility du jour tv will shed light on what goes on when i don pink gloves and my pink pumas.

excited to share the return of wish studio's amazingly creative and inspiring blog. i'll be a columnist shedding light on tranquilology: musings on creativity, spirituality, do-gooding, style, and entrepreneurship for the girl-on-the-go seeking inspired tranquility. doesn't this sound like such fun? all of my favorite things rolled into one. can't wait to get to writing for it!

you've probably heard that writing things down and sharing them makes you more likely to do things. that's why i find blogging to be so powerful. i'm accountable to people i haven't even met! by sharing my decision to take a sabbatical in november, i'm not just mulling it over quietly on my own, i'm committing to doing something incredibly different. is there anything that you are contemplating - a big move, a way of doing things differently, a transition, a new way of thinking - that you would like to share?

as we continue to grow, expand, and try new things, it is essential to have the support (even virtual) of others. it may be just the care and feeding you need to push you out of the oh-so-safe comfort zone. what are you waiting for?

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Mindy said...

so excited to have you back as a part of all the inspiration. can't wait for all your tranquil musings. xo