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Monday, May 11, 2009

showroom comes back to chez moi in august

after debating for months whether or not to keep my not-so-thrifty storage/shipping space for TranquiliT, i will be bringing it back to a home-based business. i adore working in the showroom as it is where i go to focus on creativity. however, since the decision was made late last week, i've been surprisingly excited about one less space to manage and my beloved clothing line return to chez moi.

when you live in 600 square feet, you get used to feeling cozy and making the most of small space. and, there's something oddly intimate about shopping a website and learning that it comes from someone's home.

we've got a few fun events lined up before i transition back home: more planner pad fun, a summer solstice eco-fashion extravaganza, and a creativity immersion.

remember when i asked what your word for the year was? well, mine was *spaciousness* and i'm still LOVING the word and overall concept. less travel. less commitments. more boundaries. more down time. more hot baths. more yoga. less purchasing.

this transition back home will offer up spaciousness in my life despite infusing my tiny home with more stuff. convenience, cost savings, less commuting (only 5 minutes but every 5 minutes adds up!), and a creativity haven within chez moi. life constantly provides icing on the cake, if we will only search for it.

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vj said...

Thanks Kimberly for the touchstone reminder about identifying a word of the year. I needed that and would LOVE to hear what others chose as their word of the year! Mine is LOVE (for myself and others)