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Monday, May 04, 2009

rainy day musings

as i prepare for an afternoon of work at the showroom, i am pondering the week ahead while rain pours outside. so many projects, so many desires, so many dreams, so many to-dos. always tricky to figure out where to start - especially when the rain beckons you to sllloooowwww down.

taught two tres full classes this weekend as yogis came in for dc yoga week, plus a yummy yin/restorative workshop at our arlington location that the lovely lauren wrote about. also tried on fall TranquiliT samples (you're gonna love 'em - one will be released this summer at a special event), saw BFF and company perform, and had a 4-hour strategic planning session with a beloved consultant/friend. a VERY full weekend! in addition, beau and moi nestled in for a great flick on saturday night: broken english. fabulous film, highly recommend! somehow watching a film curled up on the couch with beau nearby, pug cuddled on my lap, and candles burning nearby brings me SUCH tranquility!

ready for your week? one exercise i do at the beginning of the week that i find helpful for focusing is to set key results (or most important tasks as noted in the lovely image from last week). take a moment to ponder what 2-4 things are most important for you to focus your time and energy on. now, take a tiny action step toward making it happen. wanna write a novel? open up a word document and title it "novel." seriously, that is a start!

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