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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

costa rica es muy bonita y divertido

day 3 waking up in costa rica. truly divine. sun blasts into the windows around 5:30/6am. tres early! find myself crawling into bed around 9ish and giggling for hours with my co-teacher, pary before finally donning my eyepillow and earplugs. sun shines brightly until early afternoon and then we are doused with heavy thunderstorms. the thunderstorms are a true treat to listen to while practicing yoga or reclining in a hammock reading.

found computers yesterday and decided to do occasional twitter and facebook updates, coupled with a few blog posts. no e-mail checking. oddly liberating and truly important for my soul. the world keeps turning, i´m sure about that.

days are filled with cut papaya, yoga, meditation, journal writing, heaps of reading (finished all you need to be impossibly french, almost done with true pleasures: a memoir of women in paris), and napping. i feel blessed. the ladies who joined moi and pary are a true treat. all east coasters from dc, new york, and martha´s vineyard.

had two bad dreams last night. one that was an odd, out of control yoga at work situation where everyone was wearing their shoes during practice, not grasping anything i said, and my iPod kept disappearing. one about being deceived. neither felt good and left me a bit shaken when i woke up. funny how the mind continues turning in such odd ways while we sleep, eh?

off to partake in breakfast (2 hours behind dc here) which is one of my favorite parts of this adventure: cut papaya, watermelon, pineapple, homemade granola with coconut, and whole wheat toast with the most amazing strawberry jam! then journal writing to exorcise these bad dreams and feelings. next 2 hours of yoga at 10am. eat again. free time. 2 more hours of yoga. eat again. to complete the day we plan to sip vino under the stars in the hot tub while nibbling on dark chocolate. ooh la la!

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Melita said...

it all sounds SO fantastic. oh how i wish i was there...

Amanda said...

wait a minute - wine and dark chocolate in a hot tub?! why was i not told! :) this trip is on my radar for next year - a treat after completing (knock wood) my level 2 teacher training....