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Saturday, May 30, 2009

3 pics - more to come

my week in costa rica was truly divine. more lovely and tranquil than i could have imagined.

i'll be sure to share more photos, but wanted to post my three obsessions during the trip:
1. leafcutter ants (cutest things EVER)
2. three francophile books i read
3. a candid shot taken by the lovely amanda of me doing my favorite exercise in costa rica - "hammocking."

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Emily Anne Carson said...

That looks like a very magnificent trip to Costa Rica! I'm glad it was filled with so much tranquility. ;)

Melita said...

"all you need to be impossibly french" is one of the best in it's genre!! (and my fav)

looks like you had a great time. enjoyed the tweets from you while you were away. looking forward to hearing more about the trip and more pics!!

i am hoping (and crossing every fingers and toes that i possibly can) that i can join you next year!!

Globetrotting Cacti said...

Sounds like a fantastic trip. Wow - those ants look amazing, I could sit and watch insects all day. Looking forward to hearing more about the trip (and seeing more piccies).

Julia said...

Kimberly, that is too funny. I have those same books. It's amazing how much France is a part of so many lives.