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Thursday, April 09, 2009

tonight i wanna be a couch potato

i skipped my evening yoga class to come home and kick up my heels before a mentoring call this evening. despite my body craving its daily dose of yoga, this detox has me super low on energy so i thought a little TLC time would do me good. craving a little down time? here are a few suggestions:

* go home early
* take a mental health morning
* soak in the tub
* light incense
* get a massage
* eat a fresh spinach salad
* take a nap
* get a foot rub
* rest on your couch and listen to carla bruni
* sip bubbly
* cuddle with a furry 4-legged friend
* meditate
* do yin yoga
* indulge in journal writing
* daydream

feels so yummy and indulgent to be home while it is still light outside! i gotta do this more often. love spicing things up in simple ways.

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Caitlin said...

ah! I just put Carla Bruni as one of my stations on "Pandora Radio!" May you enjoy your peaceful night, and Mamselle Carla's dulcet tones. :-)