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Sunday, April 12, 2009

happy gooey peeps day!

what a delightful weekend. beau and i spontaneously decided to head to his half-finished (no hot water or furniture) cabin in the woods late friday night. we packed up louis, grabbed a futon mattress, and headed to the hills.

here are some photos from our journey. weekend highlights included:

* got my highlights, lowlights + pink streaks touched up while outling the upcoming week in my planner pad (usually a sunday night extravaganza) on friday
* ooh la la: booking flights to paris using miles (november 13-23 - suggestions, tips, + ideas welcomed!)
* running into BFF on way out to cabin, swinging by her home + chatting into the wee hours before driving out to west virginia
* waking up to rain pouring down on the skylight above our heads
* BFF + her beau joining us for a few hours on saturday
* dining at cracker barrel (of all crazy places)
* rocking in the pink dolly parton rocker
* hiking up the mountain in beau's backyard
* having our first fire and going through heaps of backlogged magazines: o, inc, yoga journal, lucky, shape - (i pull out must-have articles or images for future inspiration)
* putting dog treats in clear easter eggs and hiding them for sir louis
* watching louis find the eggs, figure out how to open them, and devour said treat with a vengence
* indulging in easter dinner in berkley springs
* oodles of spring cleaning once home: ficus trees outside, sprucing up backyard garden area, throwing out cosmetics age 5 years+, organizing kitchen table (aka "home office"), writing gramma a letter, rearranging living room setting

all in all a decadent (and much needed) change of pace. the country brings a sense of spaciousness that fuels the soul. now to top off the weekend with a rejuvenating bubble bath. 'night!

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shannon said...

the picture of you in the pink rocker is the cutest!

The Depressed Yogi said...

Your hair looks fab, and you look so fresh-faced and happy! The country agrees with you ;-)

I'm SO glad you booked a trip to Paris... it'll be wonderful!! You MUST go to La Duree (you'll die) on the left bank and eat falafel at this amazing place called Chez Hanna on Rue Vieille du Temple. Oh and.. actually i'm going to write this all in an email and send it to you closer to your trip. :-) xoxoxoxo

Melita said...

sounds like a productive yet delightful weekend. can't wait to see pics of the cabin when it's finished. looks fantastic already!! and cracker barrel - that's entertainment all on its own :)