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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

bonjour wednesday

happy hump/tax day! per the lovely carolyn's request, i have posted an updated photo of my bedroom sans loft bed. in addition, i also have my "back to school" supply photo complete with scented pencils, damask paper, and my text on writing well. school is fun! have two assignments due next monday: 1) what i want to get out of the course, 2) what i like to write about and why.

also attached are two photos from my newly redesigned nook thanks to sunday's organizing extravaganza: chaise lounge surrounded by heaps of books, knitting supplies (same scarf i started in 2006, but who's counting), my in box, and oodles of post-its and art supplies.

may you find some space in your busy schedule to carve out a creative, inspiring nook at home or at work to feed your soul. think of it as necessary to survival, not simply an indulgence. see p. 146 of hip tranquil chick for additional ideas on carving out tranquility at work: create a comfort drawer, slippers under your desk, lamp lighting, throw blanket for easy picnicking. voila, may you be surrounded by inspiration!

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The Depressed Yogi said...

YAY it looks fantastic!!! I really love that headboard, and it looks awesome against your green wall. Creativity nook is GENIUS - i must do the same! Thx for posting pics per my request!!!

Lauren said...

Where are you taking the Creative Nonfiction class? I'd love to do something like that! Any suggestions for good books on writing?

sølvi said...

such lovely colors:-)

Sarah said...

Thanks for sharing! Bedrooms spaces are so intimate, and it is nice of you to share your beautiful room.

Pink Heels said...

Congrats on the new design. It will be more advantageous for beau to enjoy with you and easier for him to hand a warm cup of tea on a lazy Sunday! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the inspiration. That's an ongoing project this get my place in order! I like how you placed your art supplies in a crate to grab at anytime. I have mine in my office/studio but some in the living room to work on while watching TV. In the living room they are in bags so I need to get a crate like yours!

Naturally Jules said...

I love the addition of your bear - he looks well loved! Thanks for sharing!

kimberly wilson said...

thanks for all your comments!

a few responses:

taking class through usda in dc. SO exciting. LOVE being in school.

ahh,the teddy bear is my pup's. he "stole" it from a little girl who was babysitting him one weekend and it's his most beloved toy. goes everywhere with us and is most ragged/yes, well loved!