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Friday, April 24, 2009

bon soir from my patio garden

today we had a tranquil space manager team retreat to discuss strategy and brainstorm. attached is a photo of our four managers (jo ann, marq, beau, brooke) opening their goodie bags filled with a mini composition book, flower die cut post-its, an emergenC packet, and organic chocolate bar tied with a "follow your dreams" ribbon! i heart goodie bags. all events should have them!

the other photo is of my patio garden where i'm sitting right now typing away. weather is divine, lighting is ambient, garden still needs lots of TLC but is very green thanks to all our recent rain, cats are exploring, pug is tricking me in to more treats, beau and moi are planning a jaunt to philly tomorrow and sunday, i just got home from yoga. i feel incredibly lucky and truly blessed. in a time filled with such lack, it is helpful to take a step back and find solace in the simple things.

i'm still relishing in last night's success. a true treat to have received such positive feedback and interest at tranquil space foundation's event. do-gooding is the most rewarding feeling EVER. when you're having a blue day, or the "mean reds" as beautifully coined by holly golightly in breakfast at tiffany's, reach out to someone else. visit a nursing home, call your gramma, walk a dog at a shelter, write a letter to a dear friend, send a "thinking of you" e-mail. these small, simple gestures can do wonders for your mental well-being.

for your viewing pleasure, watch this fun tour of tranquil space that beau finalized this week. we will have been in our new home ONE YEAR on may 2. truly hard to believe! if you haven't visited us yet in dc, please do so. would love to welcome you! best wishes for a truly tranquil and gratitude-filled weekend. relish in simple luxuries.

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Sarah said...

Your patio garden is inspiration for my organization and task completion! Thanks!