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Thursday, March 05, 2009

i heart potbelly pigs

i'm minorly obsessed with getting a potbelly pig. beau says no so i think a piglet for his birthday may be in order! can you stand how cute these little boogers are? hopefully you're on team kimberly with this one, not team beau!

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Lisa said...

Oh no, I love you and I agree they are darling, but you can't do that to the pig. They need more room and outdoors. Wait until you are rich and have a yard, or preferably your own big retreat center with acres of rolling grass. Then you can have a very happy pig.
Beau oughta win this one.

Dr. Leigh Ann Simmons said...

You tell HTB that Tate is already making plans to visit the WV pad and play with little Lola. He's got to get on board now.

Saint Frances said...

I agree with Kavindra. Plus buying animals instead of rescuing them is unethical, IMO.

kimberly wilson said...

aw, would LOVE to rescue one and give it oodles of room to roam. i've adopted one from the farm sanctuary in ny. met him last summer and he's the size of a couch! wouldn't make for much roaming in my 600 sq. foot "palace." alas, potbelly pigs are supposed to be smaller and SO cute.