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Monday, February 16, 2009

yoga + creativity series in march

by now you probably know that i'm obsessed with yoga and creativity (cupcakes, too). i'm excited to share that i'll be leading a 3-part series on the fusion of yoga + creativity starting thursday, march 5 - march 19 from 7:20-9:20 at tranquil space.

we'll explore how yoga's yamas and niyamas tie into your creative practice, ways to live creatively (even if you think you aren't an artist . . . yet), and the joy of journal writing. of course we'll have OMwork (homework to do in between sessions). each session will be accompanied with yoga, mini meditation, and creative play. come one, come all. i promise you will LOVE it!

march 5 - week one: creative tools (journal writing, yoga, meditation, and more)
march 12 - week two: explore 8 delightful petals of creativity
march 19 - week three: living life with creative flair + making micromovements

don't live in dc? i may record it and offer it as a tranquility on demand offering. click here to see all we currently have in the "library."

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sølvi said...

What a lovely image. Two of my favorite things right there:-)

Sarah said...

Sounds great as an "on demand." Btw, I know this is off topic but have you seen this blog: Cupcakes! I just recommended it on my blog.

Globetrotting Cacti said...

The "on demand" sounds fab.... will look out for it.