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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

a room with a view

the past 48 hours have been blissful, exhausting, and encouraging. i got a late start out of dc and arrived to the writing house around 7:30pm on monday. did some editing and headed to bed shortly thereafter.

up early on tuesday to an amazing winter wonderland vista (photo taken of the porch outside my desk window) and had a phone conference manager meeting with the lovely team back home. afterwards i returned to my computer only to be overcome with exhaustion. took a decadent 3-hour nap. yum! have been writing non-stop since then, but finding my momentum has slowed.

have 3 full chapters left and a march 15 deadline. 1.5 days to go here at the retreat center and need to carve out oodles of editing and writing time when i return home. how best to translate the mindfully extravagant lifestyle?

i'm truly blessed to be able to take this time to connect to my creative muse. however, sometimes i feel like she is playing hide and seek with moi. do you relate with your own creative endeavors?

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Heather Pierce said...

girl, i am chasing the muse right now and she is not being very helpful. writing feels like the bane of my existence. somehow, i still love it, though. keep on keepin' on :-) love the view from your room!