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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

a yoga sequence to inspire

when you need a jolt of inspiration, roll out your yoga mat and move through this series:

wide-knee child's pose
down dog
down dog split with right leg
deep lunge - reach arms up
vinyasa: chaturanga, updog, down dog
down dog split with left leg
deep lunch - reach arms up
repeat 2-10 more X on each side: add in a twist and half split

sun salutations - step back or surya A
from down dog: warrior 1, warrior 2, triangle on both sides with a vinyasa in between
tree pose on both sides, vinyasa

jump through to seated forward fold
baddha konasana
double pigeon on each side

happy baby
reclined twist on each side
bridge or wheel
child's pose
fish pose



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