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Thursday, January 08, 2009

showroom shipping musings

this week has been a blur of shipping after our big "green is the new black" sale last weekend (woo hoo), dealing with a belly bug (boo!), teaching classes and a new living your yoga series, chatting with brides-to-be about our eco-luxe bridal line, hosting a teleclass (super-fun!), late night dining with dear friends, lots of sleeping in to shed the belly bug, and meeting with my seamstress to hand off inventory. truly a delightful week!

i've included two photos from my week: louis on the showroom couch cuddled up on a velvet pillow stuffed with sustainable kapok (an amazing, but messy product) and the showroom event table covered with inventory to ship out. tonight i'm putting lots of finishing touches on a somewhat chaotic week as beau, pug, and moi are dashing off to the woods to celebrate our 5-year anniversary. no wifi (though we'll hit the nearby cafe up for it on occassion or i may go into convulsions) so i'll be doing lots of reading, writing, cuddling, sleeping in, sipping tea, warming by the fire, finalizing the spring collection, journal writing, dining on smores, putting 2009 goals onto cute notecards in pink sharpie, doing yoga, being, and more being.

tonight's first living your yoga session was a total treat. lovely ladies. it was fun to explore the five yamas from the yoga sutras and how they play out in our everyday lives. a consistent theme was being true to who you are (satya) and ensuring your thoughts, words, and actions have a positive effect on those around you (ahimsa). when these conflict, we are to choose ahimsa over satya per swami satchinanda. kill 'em with kindness, ladies.

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